Sampling and sample collection service

The sampling method consists in taking a single part of a substance, which has the same properties as the original product. In other words, the sampling method has the purpose to analyse the matrix of a matter.


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The sampling method is the first step of an analytic process. All the information about the quality is strictly related to the beginning sample. For this reason, this first step is a very important and delicate passage because it influences all the next steps and consequently it affects the final sampling test results.
Our qualified staff can help you with your samples. For this reason, we have skilled technicians who continuously study in order to have the most recent sampling knowledge.
Our staff guarantees that all the samples will reach our laboratory in the most rapid and safe way. We can also organize a specific sample schedule to keep under control all your systems.
While if you want to take a sample on your own, we can give you all the dispositions to do it in the best way possible and a free sampling kit such as bottles and suitable containers. We could also organize your logistic and pick up service through our technicians or our affiliated courier service